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Application Information for General R&D Subsidies (Overseas) Program

The Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts provides subsidies that support research and development programs in the medical, public health and other fields to those engaged in related research efforts in developing countries in Africa and other regions. The Foundation accepts applications for subsidies of programs based on the following instructions.

1. Requisites for Applicants/Applications

Researcher engaged in R&D at public and private universities or their affiliated hospitals and research facilities, as well as public or private hospital and research facilities in developing countries in Africa or other regions.(Researchers belonging to for-profit organizations such as private enterprises are excluded.And researchers or research themes adopted for this grant within the past 2 years are not covered.)
Multiple facilities engaged in joint R&D activities are also eligible (joint R&D with private companies is not covered. However, after the conclusion of this subsidy, it will be permissible to recommence the R&D with private companies.)
Testing for licensing and approvals, such as for manufacturing approval or sales approval, as well as testing for sales promotions, is not covered under the subsidy.

2. Number of Subsidies and Application Period

Two subsidies are available.
Application period will be from July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

3. Subsidy Amount and Subsidy Period

The subsidy amount shall be approximately three million yen for one year, per subsidy. As a general rule, each subsidy program will be scheduled to extend for two years following adoption by the Selection Committee. However, at the conclusion of the subsidy’s first year, subsidy fund recipients will be asked to file an interim report.

4. Recommender

A recommender shall be submitted by the immediate supervisor of the subsidy applicant. Note that references are limited to one recommendation.

5. How to Apply

Download the application form listed below, fill in the information, and submit the application. Applications may be submitted via postal mail only. Please also e-mail the electronic file separately.

Please include contact information in Japan (e.g., researchers such as research institutes in Japan, medical institutions, etc. that have a close relationship such as a joint researcher).
*They may be contacted as necessary

6. Selection Method

Subsidy programs are chosen by the Selection Committee, with the Board of Directors making the final decision.
Selections shall be made in a professional and academic manner by evaluating the contents such as the extent of contributions to society, originality, novelty, goals, and plans, in terms of R&D.

7. Issuance of Subsidy Funds

After deciding to subsidize a program, the Foundation shall make a lump sum remittance into the designated bank account.

8. Purpose of the Subsidy Funds

Subsidy purpose shall be for expenses directly required by the eligible programs.
Subsidy will not cover overhead costs such as indirect expenses of the applicant’s organization or general administrative costs.
Subsidy will not cover personnel expenses of applicants and co-workers.
Subsidy will not cover Food and beverage expenses.

9. Reporting of R&D Results

Subsidy recipients need to submit reports on program performance and income and expenditure, in the prescribed format within four months after the end of the subsidy period (See Item 2 about the interim report). The results may be uploaded to the Foundation’s website.
*Please download the report form listed below.

10. Other Points to Notice

The names, organizations, and project themes of beneficiaries of subsidies written in the application form will be announced on our website.
Applicant’s personal information will be used within the scope of conducting our subsidy.
Submitted application forms will not be returned.
Details of selections will not be disclosed.

Inquiries and Application Submission

1500 Inokuchi, Nakai-machi, Ashigarakami-gun,
Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-0151 Japan
Attn: Kaoru Watanabe Sadao Kato
E-mail: zaidan@terumo.co.jp