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Application Information for Medicine and Health Enhancement Contribution Program Subsidy

The Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts supports programs of non-profit organizations engaged in initiatives that contribute to enhancing medicine and health within Japan and in developing countries in places such as Africa (hereafter, “overseas”). The Foundation accepts applications from organizations wishing to apply for the fiscal 2017 subsidy as indicated below. 
A Selection Committee composed of experts will make decisions on whether or not to subsidize applicants.

1. Subsidy Name

Medicine and Health Enhancement Contribution Program Subsidy

2. Eligible Organizations

Organizations such as public interest incorporated foundations, certified NPOs, NGOs, and overseas medical institutions that sustain an ongoing program to contribute to enhancing medicine and health within Japan and overseas as a public service.

3. Eligible Programs

Within Japan, examples include programs (with clear targeted diseases or disorders) that contribute to improving healthcare and health such as, healthcare education, healthcare public awareness activities, facilitation of medical examinations and patient support, etc. For overseas, examples include programs that contribute to improving infectious disease countermeasures, public health education, healthcare quality, disease control, etc. However, only programs that can start within one year of their selection are eligible. The Foundation will support programs that directly contribute to society.

4. Number of Subsidies and Application Period

The number of subsidies provided per year within Japan and for overseas shall be a total of 12.
The application period will be between July 10, 2017 and October 31, 2017.

5. Subsidy Amount

The subsidy amount shall be one million yen per eligible program.

6. Use of Subsidy

Subsidies shall be used for expenses that are directly required by the eligible program.
However, the Foundation does not allow subsidies for staff labor costs.

7. Subsidy Period

One fiscal year (April to March) following the selection by the Board of Directors.

8. How to Apply

Download the application form, fill in the necessary information, and submit the application. Applications will be accepted at any time during the application period, however, they must first be sent by email, and subsequently submitted via postal mail. Only the application form can be accepted as an electronic file attachment to emails.
Overseas organizations must include contact information in Japan. (e.g. Japanese branch of applying organization, related public-interest corporation (associations or foundations), certified non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and medical institutions in Japan).
*They may be contacted if necessary.

9. Selection Method

A Selection Committee composed of experts shall review the program contents, public interests, levels of social contribution, etc., and then conduct an examination in accordance with review check points. Finally, the Board of Directors shall make the decision of selection.

10. Notification of Results

After the selections are made, it is scheduled that applicants will be notified of the results within the year.

11. Issuance of Subsidy Funds

After deciding to subsidize a program, the Foundation shall make a lump sum remittance into the designated bank account.

12. Performance Report

Subsidized organizations are required to submit a program performance report (including an income and expenditure account statement) within three months after the end of the subsidy period.

13. Other Points to Note

The names of representatives, organizations, and project themes of the beneficiaries of the subsidy written in the application form will be posted on our website.
Submitted application forms will not be returned.
The details of selections will not be disclosed.
If program contents, methods of implementation, or other matters change after a decision has been made to subsidize a program, the Foundation must be notified promptly. The Foundation shall then decide whether or not to continue the subsidy based on the changed contents.
The Foundation may request the subsidy money to be returned if it is used for purposes besides those intended or if a false report is submitted.

Inquiries and Application Submission

1500 Inokuchi, Nakai-machi, Ashigarakami-gun,
Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-0151 Japan
Attn: Kaoru Watanabe, Sadao Kato
E-mail: zaidan@terumo.co. jp