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How to Apply for the 3rd Terumo Global Science Prize


An individual researcher in the field of biomaterials who meets the following qualifications shall be considered for the Prize, regardless of nationality, age, gender, history of other prizes, etc. He/She

should be a leader in her/his research field and be actively pursuing frontline research;
should have achieved exceptional research results; and
should have made notable accomplishments in terms of social contribution, such as research results that have been adopted in the world as a product or a technology.

Details of the Prize

The Terumo Global Science Prize shall be awarded to one outstanding researcher. The awardee will receive a commemorative shield and a gift as the main prize, together with a supplementary monetary prize of 10 million yen.

Application Method

An application in the form of a recommendation shall be filed. (No self-recommendation accepted)
Please fill out the application form and submit it to the Secretariat along with all the required documents. Recommendation should be limited to one person; we cannot accept multiple nominees from a single nominator. Please note that the application form and related documents will not be returned.

Required documents:
- 3rd Terumo Global Science Prize Application Form: One copy
- Five major research papers by the nominee: One reprint or copy each
Submission method: Online submission or by post(Address: See below)
Application period: From May 1,2015 to August 31,2015

Download Application Form
Online Submission

Deadline : 5:00 PM (JST) August 31,2015
Application is now closed.

Evaluation and Notification

The Terumo Global Science Prize Selection Committee will evaluate the application details with rigor and fairness, and finalize its choice following approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Nominees and nominators will receive a written notification of the results in December 2015. The results will also be announced at large through the Foundation’s Web site and other channels.

Award ceremony and other events

The award ceremony as well as the commemorative lecture will be held in Tokyo sometime between July and August 2016. The recipient of the Terumo Global Science Prize is requested to be present at the ceremony and to give a speech. The recipient may also be asked to attend related events immediately before and after these events.


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